OVN-Kubernetes deployment network diagram

Open Virtual Network (OVN) is a project born as a sub-component of Open vSwitch (OVS), which is a performant, programmable, multi-platform virtual switch. OVN allows OVS users to natively create overlay networks by introducing virtual network abstractions such as virtual switches and routers. Moreover, OVN provides methods for setting up Access Control Lists (ACLs) and network services such as DHCP. Many Red Hat products, like Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat Virtualization, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, rely on OVN to configure network functionalities.

In this article, I will cover the OVN unidling issue and how the proposed solution can be used to forward events to a CMS (e.g., OpenStack or OpenShift).

Unidling problem: OpenShift use case

A simplified OVN-Kubernetes deployment is shown in Figure 1. The overlay network is connected to an external one through a localnet port (ln-public, in this case):


OVN-Kubernetes deployment network diagram
Figure 1: A simplified OVN-Kubernetes deployment.">

Below is the related OVN NB database network configuration:

switch e2564770-8658-4086-8f41-9995d5ff0da2 (sw1)  
   port sw1-p0  
   addresses: ["00:00:00:00:00:33"]  
   port lrp1-attachment  
   type: router  
   addresses: ["00:00:00:ff:00:02"]  
   router-port: lrp1  
switch 512be578-1c95-4ac0-b196-8f5ef38a1517 (sw0)  
   port sw0-p0  
   addresses: ["00:00:00:00:00:11"]  
   port sw0-p1  
   addresses: ["00:00:00:00:00:12"]  
   port lrp0-attachment  
   type: router  
   addresses: ["00:00:00:ff:00:01"]  
   router-port: lrp0  
switch ee2b44de-7d2b-4ffa-8c4c-2e1ac7997639 (public)  
   port ln-public  
       type: localnet  
       addresses: ["unknown"]  
   port lrp2-attachment  
       type: router  
       addresses: ["00:00:00:00:ff:03"]  
       router-port: lrp2  
router 681dfe85-6f90-44e3-9dfe-f1c81f4cfa32 (lr0)  
   port lrp2  
       mac: "00:00:00:00:ff:03"  
       networks: [""]  
   port lrp1  
       mac: "00:00:00:00:ff:02"  
       networks: [""]  
   port lrp0  
       mac: "00:00:00:00:ff:01"  
       networks: [""]  

OVN Load Balancer (LB) services are used to demultiplex traffic between running pods. LB configuration is stored in the OVN Northd (OVN-NB) database's Load_Balancer table:

_uuid               : 7381bdc2-cb26-40e9-93db-d7f733c8afbd  
external_ids        : {}  
health_check        : []  
ip_port_mappings    : {}  
name                : lb0  
protocol            : tcp  
vips                : {""=","}  

However, after an inactivity timeout, a given pod can be powered down by OpenShift and the related backends are removed from the load balancer configuration, resulting in a Virtual IP (VIP) with no backends:

_uuid               : f93bca28-87b4-4d98-9193-b49644f15ee6  
external_ids        : {}  
health_check        : []  
ip_port_mappings    : {}  
name                : lb0  
protocol            : tcp  
vips                : {""=""}  

As a consequence, the system results in a deadlock state, because a new packet for the suspended service will not be forwarded by OVN to the related pod without a proper network configuration.

Proposed solution: Controller_Event

In order to overcome this limitation, a solution has been proposed by which a new table, Controller_Event, has been added to the OVN Southbound database. Moreover, new trigger_event logical flows have been introduced into OVN pipelines in order to generate a controller event whenever an IP packet for an LB rule with no backends is received by OVN:

 table=4 (ls_in_pre_lb       ), priority=130  , match=(ip4.dst == && tcp && tcp.dst == 80), action=(trigger_event(event = "empty_lb_backends", meter = "event-elb", vip = "", protocol = "tcp", load_balancer = "38350663-862f-4aae-94e7-c0149e11d293");)

The OVN trigger_event action will convert an unsolicited event into a new row in the Controller_Event table, allowing the CMS to be notified about the request for the "suspended" service:

_uuid               : c4d5493a-a630-47f8-adbb-e20a402e69de  
chassis             : 24852cd2-bea6-48fd-b77a-95d2e47c836c  
event_info          : {load_balancer="9d6542eb-6533-4d3c-b0a5-4e54826968b6", protocol=tcp, vip=""}  
event_type          : empty_lb_backends  
seq_num             : 1

Recently, Controller Event has been also integrated into ovn-kubernetes.

Future development

Since the proposed framework is not tied just to the unidling scenario, a possible future enhancement to the described methodology could be to extend the trigger_event action in order to report more unsolicited events to the attention of the CMS in order to allow it to take necessary actions.

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Last updated: June 29, 2020