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Quarkus, a next-generation Kubernetes native Java framework, was announced in early March, and now Quarkus 0.12.0 has been released and is available from the Maven repository. The quickstarts, guides, and website also have been updated, and 213 issues and PRs are included in this release. That’s quite a few updates, but in particular check out the new metrics, health check, and Kafka guides. Also, this release requires GraalVM 1.0.0-RC13 for Building a Native Executable.

BOM dependency


Major changes

  • [1579] Provide the Kafka quickstart guide
  • [1557] Remove test scope from bom
  • [1554] Allow for usage of @ConfigProperty on fields without @Inject
  • [1548] Add guide for MicroProfile Metrics
  • [1521]  Introduce JSON-B and JSON-P extensions
  • [1506] Improve the dependencies between gradle tasks
  • [1492] rename gradle tasks to camelCase
  • [1483] Add MicroProfile Health guide
  • [1426] Support for Microsoft SQL Server [JDBC]
  • [1417] Testing improvements
  • [1412] Support wider range of character sets
  • [1395] Switch to GraalVM 1.0.0-rc13
  • [1358] Native S2I Builder image
  • [1318] Add MicroProfile Fault Tolerance guide
  • [1] Add Vertx web extension

There has been quite a bit of feedback, bug fix requests, and feature requests. Quarkus 0.13.0 should be cut in roughly two weeks as Quarkus moves ahead in ~2 week sprints.

Keep the feedback coming! Want to see a feature or bug fix in this release? If so, then assign 0.13.0 to the PR or issue.

Last updated: September 3, 2019