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Join us for the next online DevNation Live on June 7th at 12pm EDT for Your Journey to a Serverless World—An Introduction to Serverless, presented by Kamesh Sampath and hosted by Burr Sutter.  Serverless computing is an emerging architecture that represents a shift in the way developers build and deliver software systems. By removing application infrastructure concerns, development and deployment are simplified, allowing developers to focus on writing code that delivers value.  Additionally, operational costs can be reduced by only consuming resources when needed to respond to application events.

In this session, we’ll learn what serverless is and what it means to a developer. Then, we’ll quickly deploy a serverless platform using Apache OpenWhisk on Kubernetes. Using this platform, we’ll demystify which Java™ programming model you should use in a serverless environment. And finally, we’ll look at tools that can make your serverless journey quick, easy, and productive.

Watch the recorded session and view the slides.

Session Agenda

In this session you’ll discover:

  1. What a serverless architecture is and what it means to a developer.
  2. Tools that can make your journey into serverless computing quick, easy, and productive.
  3. How to deploy a serverless platform using Apache OpenWhisk on Kubernetes.
  4. How you can build and deliver functionality with serverless computing.

About the speaker

Kamesh Sampath, (@kamesh_sampath) director, Developer Experience, Red Hat

Kamesh Sampath is a Red Hat director of Developer Experience. A major part of Kamesh’s career was in the services industry helping various customers build Java-based solutions. Kamesh is the creator of the vertx-maven-plug-in, and has been an active contributor to the fabric8 project. As an open source developer and contributor, he loves sharing his experience building and deploying Java applications on Kubernetes and OpenShift.

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Don’t forget to register now and join the live presentation at 12pm EDT, Thursday, June 7th.

Last updated: September 3, 2019