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I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of Red Hat Software Collections 3.0 Beta, Red Hat’s newest installment of open source development tools, dynamic languages, databases, and more. Delivered on a separate lifecycle from Red Hat Enterprise Linux with a more frequent release cadence, Red Hat Software Collections bridges development agility and production stability by helping you create modern applications that can be confidently deployed into production. Most of these components are also available in Linux container image format to streamline microservices development.

In addition to these new components having traditional support for x86_64, Red Hat Software Collection 3.0 Beta adds support for three new architectures: s390x, aarch64, and ppc64le.

NEW ADDITIONS to Red Hat Software Collections 3.0 Beta include:

Component Software Collection Availability
MariaDB 10.2.7* rh-mariadb102 RHEL6, RHEL7
Maven 3.5.0 rh-maven35 RHEL7
MongoDB 3.4.7* rh-mongodb34 RHEL6, RHEL7
nginx 1.12.1* rh-nginx112 RHEL7
Node.js 8.3.0* rh-nodejs8 RHEL7
PHP 7.1.8* rh-php71 RHEL7
PostgreSQL 9.6.4* rh-postgresql96 RHEL6, RHEL7
Python 3.6.2* rh-python36 RHEL6, RHEL7


UPDATED components in Red Hat Software Collections 3.0 Beta:

Component Software Collection Availability
Apache 2.4.27* httpd24 RHEL6, RHEL7


Linux container support and packaging

*These components are available in Linux container format on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (AMD64 and Intel 64), and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. In this modern application development era, developing microservices and deploying them as containers is essential, and most Red Hat Software Collections components continue to be available via containers as well. See section 1.3 of the beta Release Notes for details.

All components are available in RPM format.


Supported architectures:

  • RHEL6 support is on AMD64 and Intel 64
  • RHEL7 support is on AMD64 and Intel 64; 64-bit ARM architecture; IBM z Systems; IBM POWER, little endian


Where and how to get these components?

Red Hat Software Collections is accessible through:

  1. The Red Hat Developer Program and the no-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer subscription
  2. All Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Subscriptions
  3. Supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions.


More information about Red Hat Software Collections

To learn more about Red Hat Software Collection, visit this Red Hat Developer Program page.

For quick installation, use one of our Hello World documents to get you started in minutes. For example, to install the new Node.js, use this Hello World and substitute the new collection name per above. You’ll find similar pages for installing the new versions of Python and PHP.


Red Hat Software Collections 3 Beta Documentation


Last updated: November 1, 2023