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As I mentioned prior to Red Hat Summit, there was a whole lot of activity around the complementary aspects of microservices, containers, open source, and cloud, so I've assembled this recorded set of sessions on the topic Cloud Native Development.  Enjoy!

  1. Lessons Learned - From Legacy to Microservices - The Road to Success of Miles & More, by Torben Jaeger, Matthias Krohnen (Miles & More), Serge Pagop
  2. An introduction to, an end-to-end OpenShift development platform in the cloud, by Todd Mancini, Pete Muir, James Strachan
  3. Developing cloud-ready Camel microservices, by Claus Ibsen
  4. The power of cloud workspaces in, by Pete Muir, Gorkem Ercan
  5. From monolith to containers: How Verizon containerized legacy applications on OpenShift, by Zohaib Khan, Malik Hussain (Verizon)
  6. OpenShift Roadmap: What's New & What's Next!, by Mike Barrett, Steve Speicher, Diogenes Rettori
  7. Increasing developer confidence and reducing development risk with analytics, by SriKrishna Paparaju, Todd Mancini
  8. From Monolith to Containers: How Verizon containerized legacy application on OpenShift
  9. Achieving deployment excellence with, by Todd Mancini, James Rawlings, James Strachan
  10. Securing your Container Supply Chain, by Matt Lyteson
  11. .NET Core + .NET Standard 2.0, Microservices and OpenShift, by Don Schenck, Scott Hunter (Microsoft)
  12. Open Service Broker API: Enabling Microservices in the Enterprise, by Paul Morie
  13. How to Handle the complexity of migrating to Microservices from Monolithic 10 years of code, by Alberto Salazar (Advance)
  14. The hardest part of microservices: your data, by Christian Posta
  15. Modernizing Application Deployments with OpenShift Container Platform, by Ryan Hennessy, Guna Vijayaratnam
  16. A Container-Platform Approach to Digital Transformation and DevOps, by Brian Gracely, Chris Houseknecht
  17. An Overview and Roadmap of Red Hat Development Suite, by Denis Golovin
  18. MicroProfile: Optimizing Enterprise Java for a Microservices Architecture, by John Clingan, Ken Finnigan

Whether you are new to Containers or have experience, downloading  this cheat sheet can assist you when encountering tasks you haven’t done lately.

Last updated: October 31, 2023