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A-MQ 7 Beta provides fast, lightweight, and secure messaging for Internet-scale applications. It sets a strong foundation for building modern distributed reactive architecture. A-MQ offers the rich feature set and reliability that enterprise customers depend on.  A-MQ gives you the strong foundation you need to build modern distributed applications.

Messaging for enterprise applications

Messaging for enterprise applications -

A-MQ Broker is a pure-Java multiprotocol message broker, with fast message persistence and advanced high availability modes. It is very highly optimized for general message use-cases. The message broker as always allows you to balance the load across a cluster of brokers, the balancing of the message not only distributed the incoming message to brokers sequentially but also takes into the account of the number of consumers and selectors in the broker so the performance can achieve an even distribution of the load.

Built for global scale

Built for global scale -

A-MQ 's new feature interconnects allows you scale to very large messaging networks, with advanced routing and fine-grained policy controls. It provides new messaging capabilities for deploying fault-tolerant messaging networks that connect clients and brokers into one seamless fabric. A-MQ Interconnect uses the AMQP protocol to create a redundant application-level messaging network. It works as an interconnect layer between messaging clients and their brokers.

Broad language support -

A-MQ supports a wide range of programming languages like C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, and .NET, letting you add message-based integration to any application. And as always, we still have Hawtio as the management tooling, where you can see the details of how the brokers are doing now.

A-MQ 7 also supports backward compatibility to the older version, both A-MQ 6.x and HornetQ clients can seamlessly migrate to the new message platform.

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Last updated: September 1, 2023