Christina Lin

Christina Lin is the Technical Marketing Manager for Red Hat Middleware Integration Products. She helps to grow market awareness and establish thought leadership for Fuse, AMQ and 3scale. By creating online videos, getting started blogs and also spoke at many conference around the globe. She has worked in software integration for the finance, telecom, and manufacturing industries, mostly architectural design and implementation. These real life system experiences helps her to be practical and combining open source technology, she hopes to bring more innovative ideas for the future system development.

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Six reasons to love Camel K

There are at least six reasons you'll love Apache Camel K and its approach to cloud automation on Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.


Introduction to cloud-native application environment architecture

To help you understand cloud-native application environment architecture, we break it down into component layers. In this article, we look at the application software development layer.


Full integration to Salesforce with Red Hat Integration (Part 2)

Part 2 of 3: Use Red Hat Integration to implement a real business transaction with Salesforce. To do this, it shows how to create an event-driven integration solution with no code.


Effortless API creation with full API lifecycle using Red Hat Integration (Part 1)

This article, which is the first in a series of three articles, describes how the new Red Hat Integration bundle allows citizen integrators to quickly provide an API through tools that make creating an API in five simple steps effortless.


Contract-First API Design with Apicurio and Red Hat Fuse/Camel

This article demonstrates how to implement a contract-first API design using Apicurio and Red Hat Fuse. It shows how to create an OpenAPI standard document as a contract between API providers and consumers using Apicurio and how to quickly create mock tests using Red Hat Fuse.


Red Hat Fuse 7 Is Now Available

Red Hat Fuse 7 is a cloud-native, low-code integration platform built for microservices. It can help developers and integrators package applications as containers so they are cloud-ready, and it can automate application deployment and management.


Get Started with Red Hat JBoss Fuse 7 Tech Preview 3 Today!

Red Hat JBoss Fuse 7.0 technical preview three is out today! On the pathway to become one of the best cloud-native integration platforms, JBoss Fuse gives developers the freedom to choose how they want to develop the integration solution, where they want to deploy it.