As the interest in container application development continues to grow, so does our expansion of development tools and features.

Today, Red Hat released new versions of the following:

Here's a listing of the new features:

Here are some of the new features in JBDS 10.2:

  • Forge Tools. New Menu in Forge Console view to trigger the Command Selection Dialog.
  • Common namespace is now configurable. When looking for Openshift resources (builder images, templates), a common namespace is browsed. Earlier hardcoded openshift namespace is now configurable with default value openshift.
  • RPM package method for installing JBoss Developer Studio is available as Tech Preview.
  • Support for Jolokia JMX Connections.

The following features are some of those added with Red Hat Container Development Kit 2.3:

  • Proxy Connections Are Supported both for HTTP and HTTPS - The Container Development Environment provided by Red Hat Container Development Kit 2.3 now supports connecting to the Internet through proxy servers — both HTTP and HTTPS configurations. This support is available to all services running within the Container Development Environment, including Openshift EnterpriseKubernetes, and Docker.
  • Unified Vagrantfiles for All Hypervisors - Vagrantfiles distributed as a part of the Red Hat Container Tools ZIP file and used for initializing the Container Development Environment Vagrant box have been unified to work with all supported hypervisors.
  • The Vagrant-service-manager Plugin Can Install Client Binaries for OpenShift, Docker, and Kubernetes - Client binaries for the user’s host system, which can be used to interact with services running inside the Container Development Environment, can now be installed using the Vagrant-service-manager' plugin.

The following features are some of those added with Red Hat Development Suite 1.2:

  • Windows Installers. The lightweight Online Installer is now fully supported.
  • Mac OS X Installers. An experimental and unsupported versions of the Online and Bundled Installers for Mac OS X.