DotnetConf 2016 Japan

If you are not already familiar with it, dotnetConf 2016 was an online event about .NET, and it was announced at this event that .NET Core RTM would be released at 6/27, at Red Hat Summit in San Francisco.

There are several .NET meetups called dotnetConf.local, of which dotnetConf 2016 Japan is one such event. I had the pleasure of giving a session about .NET Core on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

This event was held with the cooperation of Japan C# User Group (JCUG), Japan Xamarin User Group(JXUG), Microsoft MVPs and many .NET developers. Ιt was raining at that day, but lots of .NET developers came to watch the live streaming take place --- live.


The recorded session is available on youtube, but the almost session is Japanese. If you happen to speak Japanese, then watch away! But if you are looking for english sessions, you'll find one at (2:52:00~3:38:00) in the recording below.

Here are the sessions that were given and recorded, and some comments about each one. All the session speakers are pioneers for .NET Core, and they absolutely love .NET. I'm thankful to be a part of this group, and to have been offered the chance to speak. Stay tuned to the Red Hat Developers blog, as I'm going to follow up with materials from my sessions, and write more articles in this blog that cover various topics about .NET technologies

#dotnetConfjp 2016 おつかれさまでした! - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

"The present and the future of .NET" by Drew Robbins and Akira Inoue (Microsoft Corporation Japan)

Introduction to brand-new .NET Core and live coding with Visual Studio.

".NET Standard" by Nobuyuki Iwanaga

What is the .NET Standard? .NET Standard defines the standard of .NET base Libraries. Profile based has been used to support multiple platforms. However, .NET Core introduces .NET Standard, it's based on the source code on GitHub.

"The new story of Xamarin and the deep story of Mono" by Atsushi Enomoto and Chomado

They follow up the Miguel session in original dotnetconf. They introduce the new feature of Xamarin, such as Xamarin profiler, iOS simulator for Windows and Xamarin Workbooks. Xamarin Studio will be available for developing ASP.NET Core App and reuse VS Code Debug engine.

MVVM Done Right with Xamarin.Forms and Prism Brian Lagunas and Ken Azuma (Infragistics)

How to use MVVM right. He explains how to use Prism library in Xamarin.Forms in live coding. This session is talked in English with Japanese translation (2:52:00~3:38:00).

.NET Core on Red Hat Enterprise Linux by Takayoshi Tanaka (me, Red Hat K. K.)

I explain how to develop .NET Core App on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. I gave some demonstrations such as Visual Studio Code, P/Invoke and remote debug from Visual Studio to Linux.

ASP.NET Core by Shibayan (Japan Azure User Group)

He explains ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC and EF Core comparing to original ASP.NET. ASP.NET Core is different from original ASP.NET. ASP.NET Team redesigns ASP.NET Core, and it becomes light-weight. One of the new features included within Razor, Template Engine for ASP.NET, is Tag Helper.

.NET Core/VS/VSCode by Yuki Igarashi (MVP, MSP)

He explains how to use .NET CLI on Windows and Visual Studio Code. He also made a demonstration for docker tools for Visual Studio.

After the session, we enjoyed many pizzas, sandwiches and .NET Core RTM release celebration cake. Thanks for Microsoft (Japan and HQ) and chomado, who drew the pictures on the cake.

For additional information and articles on .NET Core visit our .NET Core web page for more on this topic.

About the author:

Takayoshi Tanaka is the Software Maintenance Engineer of Red Hat. He is mainly in charge of OpenShift, .NET Core on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat solutions on Microsoft Azure. He is a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies. He writes many articles in his personal blog and web sites, and also he gives many technical session in community events.

Last updated: September 3, 2019