santa penguinCan you believe it's December and almost 2015? Where does the time go?

Last month, we shared a Thanksgiving "thank you" for open source. December holidays are commonly about giving, so Red Hat is giving you the opportunity to use containers with the new availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux® Atomic Beta.

This follows the Red Hat Summit 2014 announcement about application containers, including the upstream Project Atomic and our intent to develop a small footprint, container host based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The beta is available from Red Hat, Amazon Web Services, and Google Compute Platform. Read the entire announcement, see the Atomic Host Beta product page, or read the beta getting started docs.

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Featured article - December 2014

Announcing OpenShift Enterprise 2.2

openshift logo 121 × 121Version 2.2 of OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat is now available! Red Hat released the OpenShift Enterprise 2.0 (OSE) code base back in December of 2013 and had a significant minor release just this past spring with OpenShift Enterprise 2.1. The goal and focus of the OSE 2.x product release is around datacenter integration and enterprise workflows. Important enhancements include Red Hat JBoss® A-MQ and Red Hat JBoss Fuse cartridges, Ruby 2.0 cartridge, and much more. Read the entire article.

Recent developer news

DevNation 2015 call-for-papers

DevNation 2015 call-for-papers is now open, so we encourage you to submit your session abstract soon for either DevNation 2015 or Red Hat Summit 2015. The submission deadline is January 7, 2015. Submit your session today.

devnation_logo_lightbkg_200pxSome recent blog articles

We have another great selection of must-read articles this month:

How Builds, Deployments and Services Work in OpenShift V3, by Ben Parees, Red Hat

"As promised last time, I'm going to cover some new capabilities that have just dropped in OpenShift v3. If you haven't read part one of this series, you might want to go back and do so now so you're familiar with the building blocks I'm going to be expanding on. Unlike last time, I'm not going to walk through all the deployment steps, however there are current step-by-step instructions for the sample application located here which demonstrates the features I'm going to talk about." Read the entire article.

Open source trends talk, by Mark Little, Red Hat

Mark gave the keynote at OpenSlava 2014. "Rather than talk about JBoss or Red Hat technologies/projects I decided to try something new and talk about how open source has impacted our lives over the past few decades. Most of us take this stuff for granted and I know that's definitely the case for me: having lived through all of it and helped participate in some of it, I found pulling together the presentation both enjoyable and a reminder. I hope to get the opportunity to give the presentation again as I've already thought of a few other things I'd like to add to it and also get more audience participation." Read the entire article.

Introducing a Super Privileged Container Concept, by Dan Walsh, Red Hat

"I have written a lot about Containing the Containers, e.g., Are Docker containers really secure? and Bringing new security features to Docker. However, what if you want to ship a container that needs to have access to the host system or other containers? Well, let's talk about removing all the security! Safely?" Read the entire article.

More Red Hat blogs and resources

If you're not aware of it, Red Hat has a developer blog: Be sure to visit it often to get the latest technical scoop on all sorts of developer-related topics.

If you'd like to track more focused blogs, see these 2 popular ones for JBoss and OpenShift. In addition, there's JBoss Weekly to keep in touch with recent events related to the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio.

Upcoming events and webinars

Find Red Hat and Red Hatters at these upcoming events:

DevNation 2015, June 23-26, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Call-for-papers now open. Submit yours soon.

A listing of additional events is also available for JBoss and OpenShift.

Product information

Product information can be found on the new Red Hat Developer Blog.

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