In the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November, which follows our Canadian colleagues who celebrate theirs in October. It's a day for families to get together and give thanks for what we have.

Our Red Hat family wants to give thanks for open source, too.

Can you imagine an IT world without open source? A number of UNIX businesses would be different. Same with development tools. We have so many scripting languages and other developer tools available via open source that software development would be so different and un-fun.

Thank you, open source. And thank you to all you who have contributed to open source. Haven't contributed? Give it a try.

If you have any questions or requests for topics, please reply to this email. Enjoy the articles, and happy coding.

The Red Hat Developer Relations Team

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Featured article - November 2014

OpenShift V3 Deep Dive Tutorial | The Next Generation of PaaS, by Ben Parees

"There have been a lot of announcements lately around [OpenShift by Red Hat®] v3 plans, specifically around Docker and Kubernetes. OpenShift v3 is being built around the central idea of user applications running in Docker containers with scheduling/management support provided by the Kubernetes project, and augmented deployment, orchestration, and routing functionality built on top.

"This means if you can run your application in a Docker container, you can run it in OpenShift v3. Let's dig in and see just how you can do that with code that's available today. I'm going to walk through the setting up OpenShift and deploying a simple application. Along the way, I'll explain some details of the underlying components that make it all work." Read the entire article.


Recent developer news

Red Hat Software Collections 1.2 is now generally available

"Red Hat Software Collections deliver the latest, stable versions of essential development tools, dynamic languages, open source databases, and web servers all on a separate life cycle from Red Hat Enterprise Linux®. The third installment of Red Hat Software Collections now includes vital open developer tools, such as GCC 4.9, Maven and Git, and, for the first time, makes the Eclipse IDE available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. In addition, Red Hat is offering Dockerfiles for many of the most popular software collections, aiding in the rapid creation and deployment of container-based applications." Read the entire announcement.


Some recent blog articles

Comprehensive Overview of Storage Scalability in Docker, by Jeremy Eder, Red Hat

Shipping_containers_at_ClydeJeremy Eder of Red Hat's crack performance engineering team discusses storage in Docker. If you are using Docker as packaged by Fedora, CentOS, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the default will be device-mapper using something called a loopback mounted sparse file. Device mapper thin provisioning, plus this loopback mounted device, keeps with the tradition of being able to simply install Docker and begin using it, with no configuring required. That's awesome for nimble developers iterating on projects. Read the entire article.

GCC Undefined Behavior Sanitizer — ubsan, by Marek Polacek, Red Hat

"[Software] bugs cost software companies a lot of money every year and upset customers, users, and developers. Some bugs happen as a result of undefined behavior occurring in the program. Undefined behavior is a concept known especially in the C and C++ languages, which means that the semantics of certain operations is undefined and the compiler presumes that such operations never happen. Luckily, there are ways to detect at least some of the undefined behavior in a program." Read the entire article.

Virtualizing SAP Data in OpenShift, by Ted Jones, Red Hat

"Red Hat JBoss® Data Virtualization allows you to expose multiple data sources as a single virtual database. Imagine pulling in all of your various sources together into a single, updatable view or series of views using a single point of connection. Now imagine doing that in the cloud using OpenShift! This article will walk through the steps to accomplish just that." Read the entire article.

Don't Confuse Ecosystems with Foundations | Interview with Mike Evans, Red Hat

"Enjoy this interview with Mike Evans where he describes Red Hat's work with Cisco, Red Hat's unique position in the cloud market, OpenShift and the PaaS market, OpenStack®, storage, and more." View the video and/or read some select transcribed extracts.

More Red Hat blogs and resources

If you're not aware of it, Red Hat has a developer blog: Be sure to visit it often to get the latest technical scoop on all sorts of developer-related topics.

If you'd like to track more focused blogs, see these 2 popular ones for JBoss and OpenShift. In addition, there's JBoss Weekly to keep in touch with recent events related to the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio.

Upcoming events and webinars

Find Red Hat and Red Hatters at these upcoming events:

Case Studies in Testable Java EE Development, Nov. 18, Newcastle, Upon Tyne, UK

For this session we have Andrew Rubinger presenting examples in testable development from his O'Reilly book, "Continuous Enterprise Development in Java."

DevNation 2015, June 23-26, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Stay tuned for details.

A listing of additional events is also available for JBoss and OpenShift.


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