I decided to theme each day of my DevNation conference attendance so that I could achieve some sense of a goal and also help me select which tracks to attend. For Tuesday, I went with the "go to something you love, or something you know nothing about" theme.

Here is where I will be:
10:40-11:40 DevAssistant: What's in it for you? with Bohuslav Kabrda
If I achieve nothing else in the next two years of my career with Team Inception, I want to be aware of the current technologies that make developer's lives easier. Since we have similar issues here in Red Hat IT, I'd love to see what DevAssistant can potentially do for the developers within the department... possibly see if it can be extended for other purposes?

1:20-2:20 - User Experience Bootcamp with Catherine Robson
This is the "go with something you love" track. I used to do web design in a previous life for a few comic book friends. I was constantly challenged with coming up with designs that looked clean and also made my clients happy. I'm looking forward to hearing about current techniques and also seeing how they may apply to the work I am doing at Red Hat.

Alternative track suggestion: Secure Linux Containers or 'Dockah, Dockah, Dockah' with Dan Walsh-- love the track name!! It was very hard for me to pick between these two, but I went with the User Experience Bootcamp, because of the next track.

2:30-3:30 - Containers all the way down: Q&A with the Docker Team with Solomon Hykes
Docker has created a lot of excitement both at Red Hat and also in the local Linux community here in Raleigh. I very much looking forward to talking about the tool and where it is going from Solomon's perspective.

3:40-4:40 - Software collections: Keeping pace without sacrificing platform stability with Adam Miller
I'm jumping ship for an hour here and heading over to Summit to listen to Adam's talk about Software Collections. This is a topic near and dear to my heart after this team experience.

4:50-5:50 - Linux distros failed us - now what? with Donnie Berkholz
This track was selected for some self-serving reasons. Donnie keeps me well entertained with his twitter feed. Also, DevOps.

Here are my recommended Birds of a Feather (btw, BEER!)
7:00-7:50 - Red Hat Software Collections with Mike Guerette.
Warning: Self promotion. I'll be speaking with Mike during this BoF... come and meet me!

8:00-8:50 - Best Practices for System and Application Monitoring
A critical component of DevOps is an early and often feedback loop. Absolutely want to talk about this topic with like-minded individuals.

Last updated: November 2, 2023