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Authorizing multi-language microservices with oauth2-proxy

Get started with oauth2-proxy, a replacement for Louketo Proxy that provides microservices authentication without OpenID Connect clients.


Authorizing multi-language microservices with Louketo Proxy

Learn how to use Louketo Proxy as a sidecar to provide authentication for your microservices that are built using multiple languages.


Podman for macOS (sort of)

See how podman-machine (mostly) lets you run Buildah, Podman, and skopeo on your Mac without having to build your own Linux VM.


Customizing OpenShift project creation

Use OpenShift's projectRequestTemplate to add default controls for the resources that a project is allowed to consume.


Using the Red Hat OpenShift tuned Operator for Elasticsearch

Red Hat OpenShift provides an elegant and scalable method to make changes to cluster nodes via its Node Tuning Operator.


How to configure Red Hat OpenShift 4 to use Auth0

This post outlines how to configure OpenShift 4.x to use Auth0 as an OAuth2 provider.


Controlling Red Hat OpenShift from an OpenShift pod

How to configure a Python application running within Red Hat OpenShift to communicate with the OpenShift cluster via the openshift-restclient-python.