Mohit Suman

Senior Software Engineer

Mohit is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat R&D team, working on OpenShift Developer Experience.

He is a Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Administration & Red Hat Certified Specialist in Containerized Application Development. In addition to this, he is Certified Scrum Master and works as Agile Coach. Keep collaborating and make world a better place.

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Enhance the developer experience by letting them debug their deployed Node.js and Java code directly from VS Code using OpenShift Connector.


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What's new in OpenShift Connector -- experience the seamless inner-loop developer experience using VS Code for Red Hat OpenShift 4.2.


Announcing the Red Hat OpenShift extension for Visual Studio Code: Public Preview

This article introduces the new Red Hat OpenShift extension for Visual Studio Code. It explains the benefits the extension provides, provides a demo video of using the extension, and covers installation details.