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Red Hat CodeReady Studio will reach end of life on April 19, 2022. The project is transitioning to community development and support as part of the JBoss Tools project. This article breaks down all the information you need to know along with the future roadmap.

What is CodeReady Studio?

Red Hat CodeReady Studio is a fully bundled Eclipse IDE that includes the majority of JBoss Tools, a set of plugins for Eclipse that complements, enhances, and goes beyond the support that exists for JBoss, along with related technologies in the default Eclipse distribution. CodeReady Studio also includes all required dependencies and third-party plugins.

CodeReady Studio has empowered application developers with a broad set of tools and capabilities. CodeReady Studio supports the full development lifecycle and a wide range of application runtimes and frameworks that can help you easily create new cloud-native microservices or iterate and improve upon your existing applications, such as Java with Quarkus and Node.js. The project supports Eclipse-based developer tools for building service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web 2.0 applications on Red Hat's integrated platforms, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

CodeReady Studio's journey to end of life

CodeReady Studio was first released in March 2007. It has been a widely used and highly successful product shipped by Red Hat and used by customers with positive feedback.

After nearly 15 years of availability, Red Hat will be ending support for version 12 of CodeReady Studio on April 19, 2022 (Figure 1), turning the project over to the JBoss Tools community.

Figure 1: Version 12 is the final version of CodeReady Studio.
Figure 1: Version 12 is the final version of CodeReady Studio.

Future roadmap

Going forward, support for all the application runtimes and middleware tools shipped with CodeReady Studio will be available through the JBoss Tools projects. JBoss Tools will have the same set of Eclipse-based plugins, but without Red Hat branding or official support. Developers can take advantage of upstream community support.

Red Hat is committed to bringing great products to market that meet our customers' short-term and long-term needs. Thus, from a user perspective, nothing will change in the functionality of the supported set of plugins, and continuous active development will be supported by Red Hat.

For any enterprise customer who has questions about this announcement, please reach out to your Red Hat representative or contact Red Hat Support.

The JBoss Tools community is proud of its product and will continue maintaining and adding features to the plugin. (This community is made up mostly of the same people who supported and built Red Hat CodeReady Studio.)

Hence, we are asking customers to use the latest version of JBoss Tools going forward, with the same feature set and plugins available. To get the newest feature set and plugins, please download the latest version of JBoss Tools.

How to download and install the last release bundle

CodeReady Studio shipped its last release, 12.21.3, on Feb 7, 2022. It is available on the official CodeReady Studio download page. Users and customers can download the binaries of the old releases there. For any new releases, patches, and features, all the supported plugins will be available via the JBoss Tools website.

CodeReady Studio end of life FAQ

We know that users will have many questions around the end of life and future scope of this project, so we have prepared the following FAQ to answer them. If you need more information or have any specific requests, please reach out to the upstream JBoss community on GitHub, where we would be glad to take it forward.

  • What products or versions are about to reach end of life?

    The Red Hat CodeReady Studio product will have no future releases. The last release is 12.21.3, which is currently available for download from the official CodeReady Studio download page.

  • Are all the products supported reaching end of life?

    We have decided to sunset the CodeReady Studio product. All the application runtimes and frameworks supported as plugins will continue to be supported and released under JBoss Tools, a community-supported project.

  • How can customers use the set of plugins supported by CodeReady Studio?

    Red Hat will continue active development for all sets of plugins for Eclipse, which will be available for download through JBoss Tools.

  • Can the user install the same functionality from JBoss Tools?

    Yes, the functionality of the plugins supported will be the same. All enhancements and patches for the associated plugins will be released via JBoss Tools.

  • What kind of support will be provided for future releases?

    The JBoss Tools plugins will be hosted on Eclipse Marketplace and supported as an upstream project. Users should raise issues and request features in the JBoss community on GitHub. As a courtesy, Red Hat's Customer Experience and Engagement (CEE) will probably provide "commercially reasonable support" and guide the customer to the community, but the customer should not rely on this support.

  • What is the migration path for current CodeReady Studio users?

    With the end of life for CodeReady Studio, the new set of plugins will be available to download from the JBoss Tools download site. Users can download stable and nightly builds here and migrate to the next releases for the associated plugins.

  • When does the CodeReady Studio end of life take place?

    The official date is April 19, 2022.

  • Has a corporate announcement been made?

    Yes, a brief announcement has been published on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

  • Where can I find the Product Lifecycle document?

    That document is also on the Red Hat Customer Portal and is entitled Red Hat CodeReady Studio Life Cycle and Support Policy.

  • Does the CodeReady Studio end of life affect CodeReady Workspaces?

    CodeReady Studio and CodeReady Workspaces are two different products supported by Red Hat. The CodeReady Studio end of life has no impact on CodeReady Workspaces.

  • Will customers still be able to access prior versions of CodeReady Studio?

    Yes, prior released versions, updates, and patches will be available for download until the end of 2022.

  • Where can I download the next release of CodeReady Studio plugins?

    Starting April 19, 2022, all the CodeReady Studio plugins, including those for middleware, application runtimes, and cloud-native development, will be available from JBoss Tools and will be supported upstream.

  • Where can I raise feature requests and issues for the next releases?

    The code for the JBoss Tools supported product is on GitHub. Users can raise issues on the GitHub repository, as well as request features and provide feedback.


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Last updated: November 9, 2023