Lucas Holmquist

Sr. Software Engineer

Lucas is a Sr. Software Engineer at Red Hat. He is focused on the Node.js developer experience on Openshift as part of the Nodeshift Project.

While he is not a Node.js expert, He does pretend to be one at work.

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Fail fast with Opossum circuit breaker in Node.js

Don't let a single failing microservice bring down your entire system. Find out how the Opossum circuit breaker module for Node.js can help!


An introduction to JavaScript SDK for CloudEvents

Get started with the JavaScript SKD for CloudEvents, a specification for describing event data for interoperability across services, platforms, and systems.


Deploying Node.js applications to Kubernetes with Nodeshift and Minikube

See for yourself why Nodeshift is a great tool for developing against a Red Hat OpenShift cluster with the Source-to-Image (S2I) workflow.


Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture, Part 1: Overview

Get to know the Node.js reference architecture with this new series. This article explains why we believe we need a Node.js reference architecture.


Add standardized support information to your Node.js modules

Learn how the Nodeshift team added standardized support information to their Node.js modules, then get started with the tools and best practices they used.


Red Hat talks and workshops at NodeConf Remote 2020

Learn how to integrate JavaScript and Node.js with other technologies like authentication, distributed data caching and streaming, or business automation at NodeConf Remote 2020.


Deploying serverless Node.js applications on Red Hat OpenShift, Part 1

Set up Red Hat OpenShift Serverless GA and Knative Serving to deploy a serverless Node.js application that shuts off when not in use (scales to 0).


Use Node.js 14 on Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat will release a Universal Base Image for Node.js 14 for Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but this article gets you started today.