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How to run VS Code with OpenShift Dev Spaces

Mario Loriedo

While Visual Studio Code isn't included in OpenShift Dev Spaces by default, it can be installed easily, giving access to a rich extension ecosystem.

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Tutorial for debugging .NET applications

Tom Deseyn

Learn how to debug .NET applications running with VS Code in local containers at Red Hat Developer. This tutorial lets you debug applications on development machines.

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Use VS Code to debug .NET applications

Tom Deseyn

Visual Code is an easy way to debug .NET applications in cloud environments like Kubernetes and OpenShift. Learn which plug-ins and configurations you need.

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Remote debugging on Kubernetes using VS Code

Alberto Morgante Medina

Debug remotely by running a debugger on Kubernetes with VS Code. Install the requisite VS Code extensions and debug and rebuild iteratively with Skaffold.

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No more Java in vscode-xml 0.15.0!

David Thompson

Red Hat’s XML extension for VS Code no longer requires Java! Find out how the development team removed the Java requirement in vscode-xml 0.15.0.

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