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Creating and using Ansible execution environments

Breakout session
Andrius Benokraitis head shot
Adam Miller


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Shane McDonald


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Session abstract

In this session, we’ll discuss what Ansible execution environments are and the problems they solve for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform customers. We’ll cover how to create reproducible, self-contained environments that can be run locally or in production Red Hat Ansible Tower deployments. We’ll introduce Ansible Builder, a new tool that helps users build their own Ansible execution environments. And finally, we’ll introduce new functionality in Ansible Runner, Ansible Tower's execution engine, that lets you develop and test Ansible execution environments on your local system.

Session speakers

Caleb Hailey head shot

Adam Miller  - is a member of the Ansible Engineering Team at Red Hat.


Tadej Borovšak head shot

Shane McDonald - is an engineer on the Ansible team at Red Hat.

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