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Speed up the adoption of automation with high-quality Ansible Collections

Working knowledge required / 30-minute breakout session
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Caleb Hailey


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Tadej Borovšak

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Session abstract

Get ready to learn how to get from the “my collection exists” level to the “my collection really speeds up the adoption of automation” level. Find out the value a high-quality Ansible Collection brings to Ansible users and how it leads to successful automation of your products. We will showcase the best practices XLAB Steampunk and Sensu devised when designing, building and supporting a Certified Ansible Collection for Sensu Go. We will wrap up with reproducible steps for building high-quality Ansible content.

Session speakers

Caleb Hailey head shot
Caleb Hailey, Sensu - Caleb Hailey is the co-founder and CEO of Sensu, where he helps businesses solve their stickiest monitoring challenges. Before founding Sensu, Caleb was President at Heavy Water Operations as well as Director of Product Development at Novitas Data, where he rebuilt their software development division, shortened development cycles from years to weeks, and cemented deals with several Fortune 500 companies. An Oregon native, Caleb loves contributing to open source projects, wine tasting, and cheering the Portland Timbers to victory.
Tadej Borovšak head shot
Tadej Borovšak, XLAB Steampunk - Tadej Borovšak is an Ansible Evangelist at XLAB Steampunk, where he works on tools that make the lives of fellow programmers and system administrators easier. He has been using Ansible to automate just about everything, from physical server provisioning to serverless application deployments, and semi-regularly writes blog posts about his endeavours. Tadej is exceptionally effective at making spaghetti-code-writers cry during the code reviews.

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