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Event-driven automation for the cloud with Ansible and Knative

Breakout session
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William Markito

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Session abstract

Knative provides a powerful set of features that allow containers to auto-scale based on a number of event sources. IT automation in the cloud-native era is full of event-driven systems with system administrators and developers dealing with events from a number of different sources—from system failure notifications to log processing to other tasks like sending pager notifications, etc. Reacting to those events in a scalable way has always been a challenge, and serverless platforms like Knative make this process uniform and easier when running on Kubernetes. Using events to compose and orchestrate playbooks and applications can be extremely powerful and allow for a more flexible architecture by using the serverless model so you don't waste resources—reacting to those events only when needed. Join this session to hear more about automation scenarios and tasks that can be simplified by this modern event-driven automation architecture powered by Ansible and Knative.

Session speaker

Gonéri Le Bouder head shot

William Markito

Red Hat

William has been working in IT for the last 15 years across multiple roles, from software engineering & architecture to product management, where he currently spends most of his time. More specifically, he is a senior manager of Product Management for OpenShift and leads a team focusing on cloud-native application development and managed services.

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