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Ansible Automation Platform technical content strategy

Appropriate for all levels / 30-minute breakout session
Gonéri Le Bouder head shot

Andrius Benokraitis

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Session abstract

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform consists of three pillars: 1) the software platform itself, 2) hosted, value-added solutions on, and 3) content. In this session, we’ll dive into the "how" of Ansible content, which focuses on the technical strategy for content as part of the Ansible subscription. We’ll tie in requirements and dependencies around developing, building, testing, and delivering content to upstream repositories and Ansible Automation Hub for certification. This session will give you an understanding of the full Ansible development and deployment technical life cycle, with examples in various industries, and how it’s applicable to the larger Ansible partner ecosystem and the upstream open source community.

Session speaker

Gonéri Le Bouder head shot

Andrius Benokraitis

Red Hat Ansible

Senior Principal Product Manager for Ansible Automation Platform, focused on content.