Red Hat Developer Program

Learning From Astronauts How To Be Better Developers (Sam Atkinson)

As developers, we're constantly trying to improve the way we build systems and work as a team. Agile, DevOps, and Lean are all frameworks to help us be better developers and write better systems, but it still seems to be a constant struggle. Commander Chris Hadfield is a bona fide astronaut, test pilot, and rocket scientist, and he commanded the International Space Station for 3 months, making waves back on earth with his cover of Bowie’s Space Oddity. On returning, he wrote a book about everything he learned on his journey to becoming an astronaut. You’d be surprised by how much of it applies to application development. Application development should be easy—it ain't rocket science. In this session, you'll learn: - How Russia represents DevOps and Lean development, while America represents the waterfall method - How to create robust systems by thinking, “What could kill me next?” - How astronauts make amazing teams, and how to apply that in our own environments.