Red Hat Developer Program

JavaOne 2012: SOA in a SwitchYard World

SwitchYard is a fresh look at developing applications using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles; a lightweight framework with support for development, deployment and management. In this talk Kevin will cover the features offered by SwitchYard describing the configuration, service declaration and options for service implementation before walking you through the development and testing of a SwitchYard application. Presenter: Kevin Conner Bio: Kevin Conner is the SOA Platform Architect at Red Hat JBoss Middleware. Kevin has been working for Red Hat JBoss Middleware for over six years, joining as part of the transaction team acquired from Arjuna Technologies. After working on the transaction project he moved to the JBoss ESB project, working first as a developer and then as the project lead, and is now the SOA Platform Architect. He is the chair of the SPEC SOA Subcommittee, which is developing an industry standard benchmark for measuring the performance of applications based on Service Oriented Architectures, and is the Red Hat representative on JSR 352: Batch Applications for the Java Platform.