Red Hat Developer Program

Ep. 1: Input Validation (2 of 2)

With this four part video series on secure programming, Red Hat is pleased to share our learnings and recommended practices to help create awareness for producing secure code. The goal of this series is to increase developer awareness of common software flaws that affect security, regardless of the programming language. The four parts are: 

  1. Input Validation - understanding the importance of checking external inputs 
  2. Numeric Errors - the dangers of using incorrect data types 
  3. Authorization - looking at user privileges, levels of access, and how they're different 
  4. Security Mentality - how can developers start to adopt a security-like mentality, also known as the "security mindset" 

About the author: Josh Bressers 

Josh Bressers is formerly of the Red Hat Product Security Team. The group is responsible for working with product groups to incorporate software assurance practices into their development. Josh was previously a Senior Software Engineer in the Red Hat Security Response Team and has over ten years of experience working on security issues with the open source community.