Red Hat Developer Program
October 17, 2016

Agile Is A Four-Letter Word (Jen Krieger)

Based on a wide variety of surveys taken over recent years, many companies are transitioning to something that looks more like Agile than the processes they were using in previous years. However, that transition doesn’t necessarily mean implementations have been done respectfully of the Agile Manifesto and the principles behind it. In large part, industry trends seem to indicate that the sloganization of the word has done a significant disservice to the ideas that were originally founded in 2001. To add even more pain, most people seem to be entirely unaware of the core basis of Agile which is the idea to embrace change but inspect and adapt to that change. Are we lost as an industry? Is there anyway we can recover from this problem? In this session, attendees can expect to engage in a conversation about the rise of the Agile community, the negative and positive impact it has had on the industry, and how you individually can help your organizations and teams lower the risk of encountering the negative problems, and speed your way towards the positives. Topics will include: - The intentions behind agile - Ways you can rework or improve your not so great agile situation - Things you should avoid from the start.