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What's new in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.4?

Nikhil Mungale

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9.4 is now generally available (GA). Learn about the latest enhancements that improve the developer experience.

How Rust makes the Rayon data parallelism library magical

How to consume and expose Rust async crates

Gris Ge

Get an overview of asynchronous design in Rust, and learn how to consume and expose Rust async crates with and without the help of an async executor.

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How to contribute to LLVM

Nikita Popov

Interested in contributing to the open source LLVM project? This article walks you through the process.

Getting started

Getting started with rust-toolset

Josh Stone

One of the new software collections we’ve introduced this fall is for Rust , the programming language that aims for memory and thread safety without compromising performance. Dangling pointers and data races are caught at compile time, while still optimizing to fast native code without a language runtime! In rust-toolset-7, we’re including everything you need to start programming in Rust on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, in the familiar format of software collections. In this release, we’re shipping Rust 1.20...