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Kubernetes admission control with validating webhooks

September 17, 2021

Get an overview of admission control in Kubernetes, then write and deploy a simple webhook that intercepts and validates Prometheus rule creations.

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Build a Kubernetes Operator in six steps

September 7, 2021

Use Golang, Minikube, and the Kubernetes Operator SDK 1.11+ to create and deploy a Kubernetes Operator on your local system.


DevNation Summer Camp

August 19, 2021

DevNation Summer Camp

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Managing stateful applications with Kubernetes Operators in Golang

August 4, 2021

Create a Kubernetes Operator in the Go language to automate state configurations and keep a WordPress site up to date.


Bringing your favorite runtimes to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4

June 21, 2021

Tour new features available with popular language runtimes in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4, and find out how they can benefit your applications.

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Kubernetes Operators 101, Part 1: Overview and key features

Horea Porutiu, Sanjeev Ghimire & Bobby Woolf
June 11, 2021

Get an overview of Kubernetes Operators and key operator features you can use to automate the deployment and management of containerized applications.

Build your own RPM with a sample Go program

Build your own RPM package with a sample Go program

May 21, 2021

RPM packages make it easy to distribute, manage, and update software. This quick tutorial shows you how to build a basic RPM package for a sample Go program.