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Go for C++ developers: A beginner's guide

Stan Cox

This introduction to the Go programming language for C++ developers examines primary differences in development and program-building environments.

debug with delve

New Delve features in RHEL 9.2

Derek Parker

Discover new features in Delve, the Go debugger, and learn how to use function call injections when debugging Go programs.

Vulnerability analysis of Golang applications and more with Red Hat CodeReady Dependency Analytics v0.3.2

Some notes on porting Delve to PPC64LE

Alejandro Sáez Morollón

Porting software to a different hardware architecture can be complex and daunting. This article uses the Delve debugger for Go as an example to discuss the things you'll nee to consider if you start on something like a port.

Vulnerability analysis of Golang applications and more with Red Hat CodeReady Dependency Analytics v0.3.2

3 ways to embed a commit hash in Go programs

Panagiotis Georgiadis

Embedding a commit hash into your application helps keep track of software versioning during development and prevents you from overwriting previous versions. There are three ways you can do this when writing Go code. Which is best for you?


How to use Go Toolset container images

Alejandro Sáez Morollón

Red Hat extends support for Go with the Go Toolset container image. Learn about Go Toolset’s features and how to integrate images with developer tools.

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Is your Go application FIPS compliant?

Antonio Cardace + 1

You can compile Go code on Red Hat Enterprise Linux in such a way that it complies with U.S. Federal encryption standards. Find out how.

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Remote debugging on Kubernetes using VS Code

Alberto Morgante Medina

Debug remotely by running a debugger on Kubernetes with VS Code. Install the requisite VS Code extensions and debug and rebuild iteratively with Skaffold.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux: The best of 2021

Red Hat Developer icon Red Hat Developer Editorial Team

Our one-stop guide to all the best RHEL content we published this year, featuring C# 9, Go on Linux, Universal Base Image, Podman, and debugging tips.

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How to design state machines for microservices

Photo Avishay Traeger + 1

Design better state machines for microservices. Learn how to use the stateswitch Go lib to organize state transition logic and APIs to expose service states.

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Kafka Monthly Digest: October 2021

Profile Mickael Maison

Get the latest news from the Apache Kafka developer community, including new milestones for Kafka 3.1.0, Debezium 1.7, Strimzi 0.26.0, and more.

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Build a Kubernetes Operator in six steps

Deepak Sharma Deepak Sharma

Use Golang, Minikube, and the Kubernetes Operator SDK 1.11+ to create and deploy a Kubernetes Operator on your local system.

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Kubernetes Operators 101, Part 1: Overview and key features

Horea Porutiu, Sanjeev Ghimire & Bobby Woolf Horea Porutiu, Sanjeev Ghimire & Bobby Woolf

Simplify developing container-based apps by using Kubernetes Operators. You can Kubernetes by automating deployment and life-cycle management tasks.