How to use Go Toolset container images

Alejandro Sáez Morollón

Red Hat extends support for Go with the Go Toolset container image. Learn about Go Toolset’s features and how to integrate images with developer tools.

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Is your Go application FIPS compliant?

Antonio Cardace + 1

You can compile Go code on Red Hat Enterprise Linux in such a way that it complies with U.S. Federal encryption standards. Find out how.

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Remote debugging on Kubernetes using VS Code

Alberto Morgante Medina

Use VS Code extensions to remotely debug an application hosted on a Kubernetes or Red Hat OpenShift cluster, without leaving your local environment.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux: The best of 2021

Red Hat Developer Editorial Team

Our one-stop guide to all the best RHEL content we published this year, featuring C# 9, Go on Linux, Universal Base Image, Podman, and debugging tips.