AMQ Streams

Building resilient event-driven architectures with Apache Kafka

Kafka tiered storage deep dive

Federico Valeri +1

Explore Apache Kafka's tiered storage feature, which helps scale compute and storage resources independently and provides better client isolation.

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Quick setup from the OpenShift console

Follow the steps below to quickly get a basic Apache Kafka cluster up and running in Red Hat OpenShift with the Red Hat AMQ Streams Operator. You will need to access an OpenShift Container Platform cluster using an account with cluster-admin permissions.

Building resilient event-driven architectures with Apache Kafka

Introduction to Kafka Connect

Mickael Maison +1

Get an introduction to Kafka Connect's key features and use cases in this excerpt from Kafka Connect: Build and Run Data Pipelines.


Manage Kafka clusters with AKHQ and AMQ streams

Rogerio Santos

AKHQ is a community GUI for managing Apache Kafka clusters. Learn how to install and connect this tool in an AMQ streams cluster on Red Hat OpenShift 4.

Kafka Monthly Digest

Deploy a Kafka Connect container using Strimzi

Alex Soto Bueno

Learn how to configure and deploy a Kafka Connect container with Strimzi, a tool that simplifies the process of running Apache Kafka in a Kubernetes cluster.

Developer Sandbox

6 tutorials for modern app development

Jaya Christina Baskaran

Explore hands-on tutorials for developers who want to learn about application and API connectivity, data transformation, real-time messaging, and data streaming.

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Top cloud and app services resources of 2022

Heiker Medina

In our roundup of the best content about Red Hat's cloud and app services, we highlight some of the most popular stories of the past year.

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All Development topics

Insights and news on Red Hat developer tools, platforms, programming languages, and more. Explore what is trending now.

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Cheat Sheet

Red Hat AMQ Broker Cheat Sheet

Roman Martin Gil

Learn how to install, deploy, administer, and operate a high-performance messaging system based on Red Hat AMQ Broker with this cheat sheet.