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Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform allows developers to set up automation to provision, deploy, and manage compute infrastructure across cloud, virtual, and physical environments.

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Get started with Ansible Navigator

Install Ansible navigator and take a closer look at the command line.
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Get started with Ansible Builder

Install Ansible builder and create an execution environment.
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Get started with Event-Driven Ansible

Learn the basics of using Event-Driven Ansible and follow some simple examples.

Red Hat Application Services

Flexible integration products to connect your applications across hybrid infrastructure.

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Kubernetes native integration with Camel K

Apache Camel K is a lightweight integration framework built from Apache Camel...

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Easy access to a more secure OS, larger ecosystem, and a broader selection of languages and developer tools on which to build and deploy apps in the hybrid cloud.

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Deploy containers using Podman

Learn to deploy and control an already-defined container image.
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Installing and configuring Microsoft SQL server on RHEL using system roles

Install and configure Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux using...
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Edge management with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Access the hybrid cloud console then create an OS image for your edge device.

Red Hat OpenShift

Work smarter and faster with a complete set of services for bringing apps to market on your choice of infrastructure.

Fundamentals of OpenShift AIOverView Feature graphics

OpenShift AI & OpenShift GitOps

Red Hat OpenShift AI combines the scalability and flexibility of...
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Foundations of OpenShift

Learn the foundations of OpenShift through hands-on experience deploying and...
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Developing OpenShift applications with Java and Quarkus

Create, test, and deploy Java code to OpenShift in a seamless development...
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EAP on OpenShift

A new set of provisioning tools including a new installation manager for bare...
Using OpenShift Pipelines_Feature Image

Using OpenShift Pipelines

This activity introduces OpenShift Pipelines for automated builds and...
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Deploying an application on a Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS cluster

A cloud-native application platform with everything you need to securely... feature image

Getting Started with OpenShift for Developers

Use the OpenShift Container Platform to build and deploy applications using...
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Get started with containers

The goal of this track is to understand typical container architecture.
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Developing with Node.js on OpenShift

Walk through how to extend an Express.js-based application to leverage cloud...
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Get started with Argo CD and GitOps with Red Hat OpenShift

Explore the Red Hat OpenShift GitOps Operator and access Argo CD to deploy a...
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Logging in to an OpenShift Cluster

Learn how to log into OpenShift using the web console and with the oc command...