Red Hat OpenShift AI

Red Hat OpenShift AI is an artificial intelligence platform that runs on top of Red Hat OpenShift and provides tools across the AI/ML lifecycle.

Access Red Hat OpenShift AI the way you want

Explore the different ways you can try Red Hat OpenShift AI.


Install Red Hat OpenShift AI software on a self-managed OpenShift cluster

Enable Red Hat OpenShift AI on your self-managed OpenShift cluster, whether on premise or any cloud.

Self Managed cluster documentation



Enable Red Hat OpenShift AI cloud service on the public cloud  

Access the Red Hat OpenShift AI add-on service via Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS or OpenShift Dedicated.

OpenShift AI on AWS OpenShift AI on Dedicated

Try Red Hat OpenShift AI in the no-cost  Developer Sandbox

Connect and experiment with building AI-enabled applications with Red Hat OpenShift AI  in a safe and flexible sandbox environment.

Try it in Sandbox 

Start building your AI-enabled applications on a powerful AI/ML platform

Explore how to set up and experiment with Red Hat OpenShift AI. Build AI/ML applications using powerful platforms such as Jupyter, PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Open Data Hub. Learn, build, and deploy applications on the OpenShift AI platform.

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