Podman Desktop

Build, manage and deploy containers and kubernetes locally with a desktop application for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Run Large Language Models locally and build AI applications with Podman AI Lab

The Podman AI Lab is a Red Hat extension that simplifies getting started and developing with AI in a local environment. It provides key open-source technologies for starting to build on AI.

A curated catalogue of recipes help navigate the jungle of AI use cases and AI models. You can also import your models to run them locally.

Playground environments allow users to experiment easily with the models, configuring their settings and system prompts to validate the use case and interactions.

Podman AI Lab is the easiest way to work with LLMs ( Large Language Models ) on your local developer workstation.

Get Podman AI Lab

Podman AI Lab learning exercise

Key features

Recipes Catalog

Recipes Catalog

Get inspired by use cases and learn how to integrate AI in an optimal way. All recipes are Kubernetes ready.

Models Catalog

Models Catalog

 Leverage a curated list of open-source large language models that are available out of the box, or import your own models.

Run Models Locally

Run Models Locally

Run models locally with an inference server. Get OpenAI-compatible endpoints, use code snippets and start infusing AI in your application.

Playground Environments

Playground Environments

Evaluate and select the best large language model for their specific use case by experimenting with different models, configuring their settings and system prompts, testing and validating their prompt workflows, and comparing their behaviour using the dedicated UI in Podman AI Lab.

Install Podman AI Lab extension 

Add AI Lab extension to your Podman Desktop and explore AI catalogue to start building your AI applications. Follow these steps to get started with -

  1. Open Podman Desktop on your laptop. Download and install if not already installed.
  2.  Browse through the Extensions catalog of Podman Desktop and access Red Hat extension pack.
AI Lab page
  1. You can also access Podman Desktop dashboard to access Red Hat extension pack.

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