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Getting Started with RHEL for Development Use

To download a no-cost Red Hat Developer Subscription, which includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 server, a collection of development tools, and much more, you must have a Red Hat Developer Program account and accept the terms and conditions which provides no-cost subscriptions for development use only.

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There are many resources available for these compilers - here on the Red Hat Developer Program site and on the Red Hat Customer Portal. On this page, we highlight our pick of those resources.

Clang/LLVM Documentation

User Guide for Clang/LLVM for v7.0

Go Documentation

User Guide for Go v1.11

Rust Documentation

User Guide for Rust v1.31



Upstream documentation:



Compiler Updates

March 2019

  • llvm-toolset 2019.1 includes: 

             - cmake: 3.6.2    
             - python-lit: 7.0.1
             - clang: 7.0.1
             - compiler-rt: 7.0.1
             - libomp: 7.0.1
             - lldb: 7.0.1
             - llvm: 7.0.1
              - lld: 7.0.1

  •  rust-toolset 2019.1 includes: rust 1.31.z, cargo-vendor 0.1.21+
  •  go-toolset 2019.1 includes: golang 1.11.z


December 2018

These versions are now out of technical preview and officially supported by Red Hat:

  • Clang/LLVM compiler toolset 6.0
  • Go Compiler 1.10
  • Rust Compiler 1.29


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