How to use Go Toolset container images

Alejandro Sáez Morollón

Red Hat extends support for Go with the Go Toolset container image. Learn about Go Toolset’s features and how to integrate images with developer tools.


New HTTP clients, a Java generator, and more in Fabric8 6.0.0

Steven Hawkins + 1

The Fabric8 Kubernetes client has been simplifying Java developers' use of Kubernetes for several years. The 6.0.0 release represents a major body of work spanning about 5 months of effort in both the core of the project and in related utilities.

Featured image for Kafka Monthly Digest on Red Hat Developer.

Kafka Monthly Digest: June 2022

Mickael Maison

This issue in a monthly column covers improvements in Apache Kafka, including the release in progress, 3.3.0, and recent Kafka Improvement Proposals.

OpenShift Dev Spaces and VS Code logos

How to run VS Code with OpenShift Dev Spaces

Mario Loriedo

While Visual Studio Code isn't included in OpenShift Dev Spaces by default, it can be installed easily, giving access to a rich extension ecosystem.