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Runtimes, frameworks, and services to build applications natively on OpenShift

Cloud-native development that connects systems

Red Hat Integration overview


API management

Full life cycle API management is the basis of an effective API strategy. API Lifecycle Management manages all steps in the life of an API, from creation to retirement.


Serverless integration

Scale your workload to zero with small code snippets for resource optimization. Orchestrate real-time cloud events. Enhance developer productivity with auto-detect dependencies and lifecycles.


Event-driven architecture

Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) is a way of designing applications and services to respond to real-time information based on the sending and receiving of event notifications.


Data integration

Prepare your data set for microservices or AI/ML consumption. Establish secure data gateways for authorized access. Federate current data stores or add change data capture capabilities to generate cloud events.

High-speed, secure messaging with Red Hat AMQ

Red Hat AMQ is a multi-protocol messaging platform that speaks a variety of programming languages and allows developers to exchange data with high throughput and low latency.

Setting up integration environments

Interactive Tutorial

Learn the basics of Camel K

Understand how to use this lightweight framework for writing integrations.

Interactive Tutorial

Exposing Apache Kafka through the HTTP Bridge

Communicate between applications and clusters with the Red Hat AMQ Streams...

Interactive Tutorial

Change data capture with Debezium

Monitor your change data capture (CDC) events with Debezium, a set of...

Interactive Tutorial

Send events to Apache Kafka with Reactive Messaging

Create a Quarkus application that uses the MicroProfile Reactive Messaging...

Integration in your browser

Start building your Red Hat Integration toolbox

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