Red Hat Integration Portfolio

Red Hat® Integration provides developers and architects with cloud-native tools for integrating applications and systems.

Integration Overview

Red Hat Integration offers capabilities for application and application programming interface (API) connectivity, API management and security, data transformation, service composition, service orchestration, real-time messaging, data streaming, and cross-datacenter consistency.

integration portfolio

Red Hat Application Runtimes Product Group

The Red Hat Application Runtimes portfolio provides runtimes, frameworks, fast data access, and high-performance messaging.

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Red Hat 3scale

An infrastructure platform on which to share, secure, distribute, control, and monetize APIs.

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Red Hat AMQ

A fast, lightweight, flexible, and secure messaging platform - based on open source technologies including Apache ActiveMQ and Apache Kafka - enabling reliable delivery and real-time integration.

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Red Hat Fuse

A distributed, cloud-native integration solution that enables users to utilize a range of design patterns and connectors, and choose their own programming language, containers, and deployment preferences - including on-prem, in public/private clouds, or as a hosted service.

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