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September 15: DevNation Day 2020

We hope you enjoyed DevNation Day, a free, all-day immersive virtual experience created to bring you the most exciting developer and technology updates.

It covered four topics areas: Kubernetes/OpenShift, JavaScript, Python, and Java, and featured Red Hat Developer experts as well as leaders from across a number of companies and industries, including Google, MongoDB, Redis, Snyk, Tail, Auth0, Ionic, and more. Videos from all sessions are now available via the links below.

Thank you for attending and see you at the next one!


 8:55 (EDT) Welcome


 9:00 (EDT)

Kubernetes Kubernetes is boring

 Clayton Coleman, Red Hat


 9:30 (EDT)

Kubernetes Kubernetes the easy way

 Jessica Forrester, Red Hat


 10:00 (EDT)

Kubernetes Pods in the Kubernetes and OpenShift cosmos

 Derek Carr, Red Hat


 10:35 (EDT)

Kubernetes Knative back stage (How Autoscaler actually works)

 Paul Morie, Red Hat


 11:05 (EDT)

Kubernetes Kubernetes in the enterprise

 Andrew Block, Red Hat


 11:40 (EDT) BREAK
 12:00 (EDT)

JavaScript Effective Microservices in Node.js

 Tamar Stern, XM Cyber

Python Kubernetes operators in Python with Kopf

 Sergey Vasilyev, Zalando SE

Java JAX-RS API documentation: Reasonable practices

 Adam Bien, Independent

 12:35 (EDT)

JavaScript An Introduction to IoT; Or How I Built an IoT Kitty Litter Box Using JavaScript

 Joe Karlsson, MongoDB

Python micropipenv: The one installation tool that covers Pipenv, Poetry, and pip-tools

 Fridolín Pokorný, Red Hat

Java Stranger danger: Finding security vulnerabilities before they find you!

 Simon Maple, Snyk

 13:10 (EDT)

JavaScript Frameworks are dead, long live the compiler

 Mike Hartington, Ionic

Python Running a self service AI/ML Platform on OpenShift

 Anish Asthana, Red Hat

 Chad Roberts, Red Hat

Java Java to Kubernetes faster and easier

 Ray Tsang, Google

 13:45 (EDT)

JavaScript An Introduction to WebAssembly

 Guy Royse, Redis Labs

Python Flask: How much of a microframework?

 Diana Rodriguez, Vonage

Java Data engineering for Java developers

 Fabiane Nardon, Tail

 14:20 (EDT)

JavaScript React and Serverless - Fullstack JavaScript made easy

 James Quick, Auth0

Python Quantum computing with Qiskit on OpenShift

 Parul Singh, Red Hat

 Ismael Faro, IBM

 Luciano Bello, IBM

Java Java after Eleven

 Nicolai Parlog, Independent

 14:55 (EDT) Closing Ceremony


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