Learn reactive programming and Vert.x

Your assignment: Use reactive programming to calculate wait times for the Reactica roller coaster

The Reactica roller coaster is a new thrill ride at the Coderland theme park. A futuristic coaster almost completely unlike anything the world has ever seen, it takes guests on a terrifying journey they’ll not soon forget. When guests first saw Reactica, however, their faces were filled with concern. Given the park’s safety record, that was expected, but the guests quickly explained they were apprehensive about the long lines such an awesome ride would surely attract.

Management, of course, wants every guest to be delighted, so they turn their lonely eyes to you, the most talented developer in all of Coderland, to create a display that indicates the current wait time. You’ll create a set of reactive microservices that respond as guests board the ride, as they exit the ride, as the coaster is shut down due to an accident, and as the wreckage is cleared and the coaster is back in operation. The resulting display lets every guest in the queue know how much time they have to wait.