Featured image: What is your favorite Kubernetes feature?

Every week I run DevNation: The Show, where guests and I discuss today's hottest technologies impacting developers and architects—and have a lot of fun. In each episode, I ask my guest: "What is your favorite Kubernetes feature?"

Here's what they have told me so far:

  • Ray Tsang, Developer Advocate at Google, likes the scaling feature but really loves the health checks you can provide for any workload that gets scheduled into your cluster.
  • Sebastien Daschner, Developer Advocate at IBM, simply loves the Kubernetes scheduler. You just tell the cluster you want to run a particular workload and the scheduler takes care of everything!
  • Aurélie Vache, Cloud DevOps at Continental, like Ray, also loves the scaling features. Being able, with just one command, to scale your application to one, two, or even 10 replicas is something that is still magic for her. She also really likes the Horizontal Pod Scaler.
  • And finally, Nicolas Frankel, Developer Advocate at Hazelcast, mentioned a less known feature, the init containers, which can help run some tasks that are needed before you run your actual workload container. You can find more info about init containers here.

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Last updated: December 21, 2020