cloud-native application environment

What does eventual consistency even mean? Or, how about a dark launch? What is gRPC? Or a database saga? Wouldn't it be great if someone gathered all the terms associated with cloud-native computing and put them in one place, where developers could find, link to, and even update them?

Well, guess what: Red Hat Developer has done just that with Cloud Native Compass, a GitHub repository containing definitions of terms and links to related materials for cloud-native software development and microservices.

How to use Cloud Native Compass

From event-driven architecture (EDA) to write-only database, we've attempted to define all of the terms you'll need to know as a cloud-native developer. Are you interested in sidecar containers? Tekton? Are you curious about what it means to use a ubiquitous language over a bounded context? Cloud Native Compass has you covered.

The entire project is open source, too. So, if you find definitions missing, or if you believe a definition is mistaken, or if something has changed since the definition was written—well, you can change it. Do you want to expand on a definition, or add a diagram? Simply fork the repo to your GitHub organization, make your changes, and submit a pull request.

Cloud Native Compass is yours; it belongs to all of us. Feel free to use it as required.

Last updated: June 26, 2020