Building Kubernetes applications on Red Hat OpenShift with Red Hat Marketplace

Developers are the epicenter for creating solutions, quickly, that enable enterprises to react to evolving ecosystems. At Red Hat, we have embraced rapid, communal evolution since our inception. We were founded on the open source principles that many of you have come to depend on: transparent, open, iterative collaboration that can change the world in a moment.

Today, through collaboration with our technology partners, we introduce the technical preview of Red Hat Marketplace operated by IBM, the next step in supporting our worldwide community of makers to build things better, faster, and more securely.

Red Hat Marketplace was created to help developers using Red Hat OpenShift, our comprehensive Kubernetes platform, to build solutions and deploy them across multiple clouds, on-premises or on the edge. Kubernetes is hard. Building, deploying and managing Kubernetes applications at scale is critical to enterprise growth and security. To get the job done, developers need access to commercial quality, certified solutions; easy to find, easy to acquire, easy to use, and no internal blowback.

Spanning 12 categories, Red Hat Marketplace supports broad development needs: AI/ML, databases, developer tools, logging, tracing, monitoring, security, storage, and networking. Our one-stop shop offering includes:

  • A growing inventory of software designed and certified to work on OpenShift for developers and ops teams
  • Access to enterprise-grade solutions in minutes; find, click, start
  • Automated deployment to any cloud through Kubernetes Operators
  • Red-tape free: pre-approved, certified solutions that will pass the sniff test of procurement, operations and management
  • Digital self-service: no separate purchase orders required
  • Accountability: Know what you use, how much you use, how much you spent at a click

Basically discover, try, play, procure, build, deploy, optimize, repeat.

Red Hat Marketplace is also a destination to try and procure other Red Hat products such as storage, integration, and runtimes and IBM products that work with, and add value to, OpenShift. Initially, Red Hat Marketplace is available in the United States, with plans to expand in the coming months. Check it out and let us know what you think at or click the blue ‘Feedback’ bar in the Red Hat Marketplace.

We invite developers within software partner organizations to certify, list and sell your applications in the Red Hat Marketplace. If you are interested, please contact us.

Last updated: June 29, 2020