DevNation Live tech talks are hosted by the Red Hat technologists who create our products. These sessions include real solutions and code and sample projects to help you get started. In this talk, you’ll learn about Quarkus, Kogito, and GraalVM from Red Hat's Mario Fusco, Principal Software Engineer, and Burr Sutter, Chief Developer Evangelist.

These days rule engines are often overlooked, possibly because people think that they are only useful inside heavyweight enterprise software products. However, this is not necessarily true. Simply put, a rule engine is just a piece of software that allows you to separate domain and business-specific constraints from the main application flow. Drools is the rule engine of Red Hat, and our goal is to make it ready to be used in serverless environments.

This talk will explore and make sense of technologies like GraalVM and Quarkus. We'll show what changes are needed in a codebase — making extensive use of reflection, dynamic class loading, and other Java sorceries — to make it compatible with those technologies, and we'll demonstrate how this is allowing us to make Drools part of the cloud and serverless revolution.

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Last updated: February 6, 2024