Red Hat CodeReady Studio

Red Hat has been shipping a distribution of Eclipse IDE for years now, including all of the great features of Eclipse along with the add-ons, plugins, and tooling that make working with our products easy and enjoyable. These distributions have gone by different names over the years to indicate how they fit into the Red Hat ecosystem, and to tap into the trust that developers have when they think about Red Hat and what a Red Hat product means for them: it’ll be reliable; it’ll have a published lifecycle; it’s built from source; and if you submit a bug, we’ll fix it (and give the fix to the community). This change is no different.

Red Hat CodeReady Studio is the latest evolution of Red Hat Developer Studio, which itself was an evolution of JBoss Developer Studio. We’re proud to include our distribution of Eclipse IDE in the expanding CodeReady portfolio. Based on the latest Eclipse 4.11, with the latest additions of JBoss Tools and end-to-end testing that ensures everything works as expected, developers can count on the same great experience they’ve grown used to. With tools for working with Fuse and other middleware products and connectors for Red Hat OpenShift that enable super-fast, container-native “inner loop” development cycles, CodeReady Studio is absolutely one of the best desktop IDEs an enterprise JavaTM developer can use.

The Red Hat CodeReady portfolio of products for software developers is growing. In addition to our desktop IDE, CodeReady Studio, we have Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces, which is our container-native, browser-based IDE that lets teams work together securely and collaboratively on your OpenShift cluster. The CodeReady portfolio of tools is built with software developers in mind, with the goal to give them the tools they need for the jobs they do - and hopefully add in some superpowers along the way.

See the technical details about what this latest update means for you in Jeff Maury’s post.

Last updated: November 9, 2023