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The Red Hat Training team is very pleased to announce the release of our latest video classroom course, Red Hat Application Development I: Programming Java EE (JB183). JB183 is the preparatory course for the Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer Exam (EX183). This video classroom course is available now as part of the Red Hat Learning Subscription or as a separate a la carte purchase.

In this course, veteran instructor Will Dinyes guides you through enterprise Java development with easy-to-follow lectures and demonstrations. JB183 is designed for students with a strong understanding of Java SE and object-oriented programming who want to learn how to begin developing modern enterprise applications on Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) 7.0.

Will introduces the following concepts and topics:

  • Generating multi-tiered Java EE applications
  • Packaging and deploying Java EE applications
  • Creating Enterprise Java Beans, including message-driven beans
  • Managing persistence
  • Creating REST services with JAX-RS
  • Implementing Contexts and Dependency Injection
  • Creating messaging applications with JMS
  • Securing Java EE applications with JAAS

For those who are entering the workforce or just starting a career in Java EE development, this course will provide the necessary foundation for developing and contributing to enterprise Java applications. Further, this course prepares students for the Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer Exam (EX183). If you pass the exam, you become a Red Hat Certified Enterprise Application Developer. This certificate is the first step to becoming a Red Hat Certified Architect.

Visit Red Hat Learning Subscription or contact me to learn more about the course.

Last updated: October 18, 2018