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I’m extremely pleased to announce additions and updates to our Red Hat Development Suite of products, including Container Development Kit 3.3, JBoss Developer Studio 11.2, and our DevSuite 2.2 installer. These updates are a continuation of our efforts to increase developer usability, while adding new features that matter most for targeting Red Hat platforms.

Red Hat Development Suite is a curated, integrated set of desktop tools especially suited for developing Linux container-based microservices that can be deployed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenShift Container Platform, and other Red Hat platforms.  In addition to the components listed above, it also enables easy installation of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, JBoss Fuse and Kompose (tech preview), as well as numerous complementary pieces required to get an integrated development platform configured and running on your desktop. It combines these components in an easy-to-use installer to make setup simple for Windows, macOS and RHEL.

New features in this release

The Red Hat Development Suite installer UI guides you through the process of installing the components you need for the development you are going to do. There’s no need to sift through a long list of separately installable components, just pick a goal and we’ll give you the list of things you need to install.

This release has the following updated tools:

  • CDK 3.3
  • DevStudio 11.2.0
  • Fuse Tooling 10.2.0
  • Kompose 1.7.0 (Technical Preview)
  • JBoss EAP 7.1.0

The following new packages have been added:

  • Red Hat DevStudio Central Plugins
  • Central P2 Repository 11.2.0
  • Red Hat AMT Plugin for Eclipse 4.0.0
  • AngularJS for Web Tools 3.8.100
  • Eclipse Checkstyle 8.0.0
  • JBoss Business Process and Rules Tools 7.5.0
  • Eclipse Che 5.0 Technology Preview


Container Development Kit (CDK) 3.3 includes support for OpenShift Container Platform v3.7.14, general availability of the image caching feature so that now image caching uses OCI tools. It also includes Improvements to profiles feature such as global caching for all profiles and improved add-on feature.

Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 11.2 has been updated to support: Eclipse Oxygen.2, updated RPMs in DevTools channel, CDK 3.3 Server Adapter, and login provider.

Eclipse Che is a next generation Eclipse IDE that runs in a browser, connected to user workspaces that are containerized. Developers can produce code in portable OpenShift pods that mimic production but are dev-enabled with intellisense, debuggers and language services. This web-based IDE allows anyone to contribute without installing anything on their workstation. Install Eclipse Che on a shared server for your team, or use it in our SaaS for free. More information about Eclipse Che is available on Red Hat acquired Codenvy in 2017 to gain this technology and expertise.


Red Hat's Jeff Maury supplies a bunch of details in this article.

Last updated: November 9, 2023