Are you attending RHTE (Red Hat Tech Exchange) APAC, interested in IoT and like to tinker with real hardware? Come join us for an evening of fun at CodeStarter IoT hackathon on Thursday, Sep 7th.

The use case for this CodeStarter emulates Industry 4.0 smart factory scenario. This end-to-end IoT solution will allow the participants to interact with:

  • Raspberry Pi connected to sensors/actuators to emulate the factory environment.

  • Java/OSGi based middleware (Eclipse Kura) for simplified access to underlying device hardware.

  • IoT Cloud Integration Platform (Eclipse Kapua) to manage gateways, devices, and their data.

  • OpenShift Container Platform as the foundation where IoT services and business applications run.

The participants will get to keep the Raspberry Pi IoT Kit for a field-ready demonstration to potential customers and partners.

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Last updated: November 15, 2018