Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Before I came to Red Hat, I used to work for a Red Hat partner as a consultant and architect. During that time, I was involved in quite a few situations where I had to help people move from one platform to another, most often from some flavor of Unix to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. As Linux is the de facto standard platform for many development teams, it seemed to make sense to translate some of that experience into a document that can help others make the switch to Linux as a development platform. After the team got many requests for a more advanced version of our original Linux Commands Cheat Sheet we set off to create this document a couple of weeks ago and today we present the result: the Advanced Linux Command Cheat Sheet.

This cheat sheet is meant as a guide to make your steps as a developer on Red Hat Enterprise Linux easier. It helps you setup your environment by installing the appropriate packages, tells you how to start, stop and restart services and gives some pointers towards simple diagnostics, might you need them.

Download the new Advanced Linux Command Cheat Sheet and try out the commands with our no-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Subscription.

Last updated: November 3, 2022