RHJB_EnterpriseApplicationPlatform_Logotype_RGB-Gray_0213_cw_72JBoss EAP 7 was recently released, and brings with it a whole host of new features and support, such as support for Java EE 7, reduced port usage, graceful shutdown, improved GUI and CLI management, optimizations for cloud and containers, and much more. EAP 7's small footprint, fast startup time and support for modern Java and non-Java frameworks make it uniquely suitable for deployment onto PaaS cloud environments, and Red Hat happens to have a leading one: OpenShift.

I put together a short screencast demonstrating how you as a developer can quickly get started deploying your EAP 7 apps to OpenShift (Enterprise version 3). Whether you are starting a new Silicon Valley unicorn startup or are migrating an existing app to EAP 7, developing and deploying to OpenShift will simplify your life greatly. In this screencast I cover:

Hope you like it!


Last updated: November 9, 2023