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Building Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps have been a hot topic so far in 2016. The recent Google IO conference featured four talks on progressive web apps and they even have a progressive web app conference in June. So why the big fuss?

With the recent advancements in modern browsers, more native app-like features are coming to the browser. Things like push notifications, background sync, offline capabilities and home screen app icons have been added to browsers allowing developers to continue building web apps, but now include features that users expect from native apps. So what makes a web app a progressive web app?

Progressive web apps are:

  • Loaded instantly with the use of service worker
  • Installable using web app install banners
  • Re-engaging with push notifications
  • Fast with smooth animations and scrolling
  • Secured by being served over HTTPS
  • Responsive so they work well no matter what device your user is on
  • Sharable. They are just URLs in the end.

In my session at DevNation, Building Progressive Web Apps on Wednesday, June 29th at 10:15, we’ll take an existing web app and transform it into a progressive web app. We’ll learn how to make the web app installable, how to make it work offline and finally we’ll learn how to add push notifications to re-engage our users.

I’m really excited about speaking at DevNation this year and particularly excited about progressive web apps. The web, as a platform, is making great strides and the new technologies that are being added to browsers are beginning to rival native apps. And the more progressive web apps that are made, the better user’s experiences will be on the web.

10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.
Room 131

About Kyle:

I’m very happily married and have two children. The Chicago Cubs have been a major source of frustration in my life, but I have a feeling that “next year” is this year. I’ve been a front-end developer for 11 years and I absolutely love what I do.

I’ve dabbled in building native apps but I always find myself coming back to the web because JAVASCRIPT!!! right? It’s everywhere. Front-end, back-end, databases. Anyway… over the last few years I’ve had a particular focus on mobile web and enhancing the user experience. More recently, I’ve been working on applying progressive web app features to the webs that I build and work on.

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