We had the great pleasure of attending Devoxx Belgium in the Fall and are planning our return to Europe for Devoxx France.  We’ve been working with our colleagues in France to make sure we have a great booth, awesome swag and more.  

Not only can you learn more at the booth but we have a ton of presentations spread across the conference, labs and tools-in-action that we are looking forward to sharing.  Check out the sessions.


  • The State of Open Source Licensing
  • Panel: Les Cast Codeurs font la fermeture
  • High-Performance Hibernate
  • Les nouveautés de CDI 2.0
  • Hibernate tu connais... mais en fait tu connais pas
  • OpenShift : le PaaS à la sauce Kubernetes et Docker
  • Dockerized system testing, with a dash of chaos


  • Software development, responsibility and ethics: the coming crisis

 Hands-on Labs

  • Vert.x - passez de 0 à (micro-) héros


  • Elasticsearch et Hibernate sont sur un bateau...
  • Hackons une app AppleWatch
  • Sécuriser ses applications back et front facilement avec Keycloak

We look forward to seeing you in Paris!


Last updated: January 19, 2023