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It might be hard to believe, but it has been one year since Red Hat’s acquisition of FeedHenry, a leader in the enterprise mobile app development and mobile backend-as-a-service space.   It’s been a busy and interesting year for our platform. As we continue to add great new enterprise-grade features, we’ve also been working on some important new enhancements in architecture, DevOps and cloud technologies. There’s  more on that to come in the next few months, and as a recognition of that Forrester recently named us a market leader in innovation and strategy ahead all our competitors globally - Forrester Wave-

Being part of Red Hat has brought us into one of the epicenters of the fascinating world of open source.  We don’t just talk, we support and contribute to open source software,  you can almost feel it and smell it every day here at Red Hat. From our open communications to our multi-disciplinary collaboration and publications, we  bring the open source DNA to practically everything we do. Because of this, it will come as no surprise to you that we are working on a methodical and multi-phased approach to open source our Red Hat Mobile Application Platform (RHMAP) under the community name FeedHenry  Yes, we’re keeping our memorable name.

Today we are announcing the first open source component, from the AeroGear community-driven project.

Under the product name Unified Push Server it’s now inside our RHMAP.  This is a significant milestone for two reasons: first, because it’s a community-driven and Red Hat product feature-set in the platform. Just like all other Red Hat products, we will continue to improve it and give our customers the benefits of the feature enhancements and innovations that come from open source communities. The second reason is that to make this product’s integration possible, we also integrated other Red Hat products and projects into our platform. These include JBoss EAP and the Keycloak project, which by the same token, bring open source benefits to products that can be fully supported by our world-class Red Hat Customer Engagement team.

The new UnifiedPush Server features an integrated  administration console in RHMAP that makes it easy for developers to create and manage push-related aspects of their applications for any mobile development environment. It also includes client SDKs (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Cordova), REST-based sender service (API) and analytics. You can expect these and more features to help you focus on building enterprise mobile apps without developing your own push infrastructure. With UnifiedPush Server you can send notifications from the platform to iOS, Android and Windows phone devices.

You can find a description of the features and product documentation here including how to get started quickly with our push enabled templates.

Push notifications give you yet another way to engage with your app users. In many ways, they reduce the need for other forms of mobile communication like email and text messages.  With many of our customers’ enterprise apps, we have seen that being notified in near real-time can make a significant difference in customer services, productivity, and cost reductions. It is also another way to re-engage users who are not actively using the app.

If your apps are already using a push notification service, or you created your own, take a look at the open source Aerogear project and try it out for free. If you are already a Red Hat Mobile customer, you have a great new option to build apps with notifications without extra subscription fees. If you are new to the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform we invite you to give this and our many other features a try.

This is just the first of many announcements to come in this open source mobile space, a model that both Red Hat and its customers believe in and encourage.

For more information contact us at or @RedHatMobile

Last updated: February 7, 2024