Have you heard about your local JBoss User Group (JBUG)? A JBUG is a group of people who share a common interest in JBoss technologies. They are organized and supported by the community and meet on a regular basis to discuss new technologies, development methodologies, interesting use cases, and other technical topics. The common goal is to provide education, help, and social events for the community and to promote open source. You can find a list of 38 JBUGs around the world, in case you want to attend a local event. However, not everyone has access to a local JBUG, so we introduced the Virtual JBoss User Group!

What is the Virtual JBoss User Group?

Instead of meeting once a month physically, we hold our meetings online. You can watch presentations live or the recorded version. We are developer-focused and informal. You can ask questions via IRC or Twitter and interact with the presenter. Just recently, we've been able to launch our new website at www.vjbug.org which combines all the past and future sessions and helps you find the right resources. We also support you with finding the local time for the individual events and you can RSVP for upcoming events, so as to be kept informed of any changes and to get reminders. Plus, you get access to the slide decks of the presentations (where available).

With almost 40 recorded sessions, we already provide a great learning resource (See the list on vjbug.org), and we're adding another one or two every month! Make sure to follow our Twitter handle @vJBUG and also check out our meetup group regularly. Next upcoming session will be the legendary Burr Sutter talking about "An Enterprise Developer’s Journey to the IoT".

Why is the vJBUG Hosted in Newcastle?

Because we do have local events from time to time (plus, meetup.com requires you to state a valid location). Those are treated like virtual meetings, except that there is a real audience in the room. And those will get even better in the coming months, because we had a chance to update our recording equipment and are now able to give you an even better impression of both the speaker and the slides.

I Want to Join! Give Me Awesome Sessions!

Easy! Just check out our vjbug.org website and rsvp to the events you're interested in.

I Want to Give a Talk!

This is the right attitude! You're welcome! Because the vJBUG is exactly what you've been looking for. Please reach out to Paul Robinson (@Pfrobinson) or myself (@myfear) and propose a session. We also have an FAQ. We can't wait to hear about your idea!

Last updated: February 11, 2024